nelson romero
D. Nelson Romero Pastor.


This website wants to be “the gateway” to the City of La Romana for all neighbors, tourists and all people interested in knowing our town. That is why I see this page as a channel open to all and an essential element of communication and information.

Through this web we will show you what La Romana wants to be: a modern, dynamic town, full of historical places and a meeting point for everyone.

In a world without borders the information must be immediate, agile and transparent, the portal of City of La Romana must contain the information of the activities and the municipal services. The electronic administration to the service of the people and of the society in general so that it can know firsthand all the administrative, cultural, tourist and social information.

In my investiture speech, I marked as priorities of my government participation, dialogue and transparency as the basic principles that should guide action in all municipal areas.

An open, participatory and transparent town hall, the home of everyone who, among all, is getting better. A portal in continuous construction and update that provides a better service.

It is a pleasure for me, as Mayor of La Romana, to welcome you to this wonderful village, from which you can enjoy strolling its streets.


The arrival of the month of August leaves more time for friends and fun, so in a few days, again, we will celebrate our Patron Saint Festivities in honor of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary as well as Moors and Christians, the festivities are the essence of our traditions and at the same time, a conducive space for the meeting.
Tolerance and coexistence are two fundamental values to achieve the progress of a people and in that sense this Municipal Government is working so that all romaneros and romaneras have more opportunities and so that our children have a present, but also a future full of hope and illusion.
It is time to go out into the street and participate in each of the prepared acts, to fill every corner and do so with respect for others and for the people in which we all live together, with tolerance and unity. I can not miss the opportunity to thank all those people who in one way or another have collaborated so that the festivals and Moors and Christians of La Romana shine their splendor in a special way, thank comparsas, commission parties and neighbors personally put all their enthusiasm and work at the disposal of their people.
I do not want to close these words without first having a memory for all those who, for one reason or another, accompanied us in the past and today will not be able to share these festivities with us, but I am sure that they will be present from the heart and in our thoughts.
Finally, I wish to take advantage of this space in the book of festivities that will reach all homes to invite neighbors and visitors to enjoy our town, which is decorated and dresses up to show its best image, as a land of traditions, working people, fighting spirit, friendly and welcoming.
Be happy and enjoy our parties.

– Ayto La Romana